How many of you knew about the Owl Clover’s Community Garden, located next to Kennedy Commons and Dunne’s beach volleyball courts? What was once a brilliant vision and beginning from former SCCAPers has now grown into a similar reality, just in a different location: The Forge!

Bronco Urban Gardens is hiring for 2012-2013!

Garden Program Coordinator:

Volunteer Management Coordinator:

Garden Education Coordinator:

Community Outreach Coordinator:

Apply for Americorps Positions!

RECENT GRADUATES or friends of recent grads: Looking for something to do next year? Check out positions for BUG, coming soon!:

Hello, friends!

Happy Summer! Construction of the solar house is still underway. You can see that a few other fun things are happening at the garden:

1. We’ve allowed the artichoke plants to bloom and dang, aren’t they amazing? 

2. We have two new chicks and are in the process of naming them. (If you have a good name, let us know!)

3. Sunflowers are sprouting up everywhere and they are soooo tall!

In other news, the farmers will be out until July 9th, so we’ll see you again that Monday from 2-5 pm, when work days start up again!

Clearing the site for the ‘07 Solar Decathlon house!

What do you all think about the house going in the garden?

Clearing the site for the ‘07 Solar Decathlon house!

What do you all think about the house going in the garden?

Swap For Good Facebook Event

The Office of Sustainability and SCCAP present the 2nd Annual Swap for Good! 

Before you move-out and move-on to summer, come swap and shop with other students, staff, and faculty members! 

Trade your unwanted clothing (formal dresses, men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing) and other items (sports equipment, children’s books, shoes, socks) in exchange for other clothing and items “new-to-you” swapped by others on-campus.

What is a Swap for Good?
Swap for Good is a grassroots non-profit project that encourages people across the country to host clothing swaps, and ask for donations to raise money for local domestic violence shelters. At Santa Clara University, we hope to expand on the reach of the Swap for Good by serving additional local community organizations that our Santa Clara community cares about, such as supporting literacy and physical education at the Alma Verde after-school program, keeping feet warm with Project Open Hand, and supporting teenage girls going to prom with the Princess Project.

Local Efforts in Sustainable Agriculture!

Hello fellow farmers!  We’ve just discovered a local company called Pie Ranch.  Mind blown.  They grow ALL of the ingredients for the pies that they make.  Check out this cool video they have posted.    

Happy Spring!


We are offering INTERNSHIPS, farm-based and garden education/outreach. Deadline is April 12th! You can also check out the postings at